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We at the Christian Academy of Western New York believe that no child should be denied a quality Christian education simply because of his/her family's financial status.  Therefore, various forms of tuition assistance are offered to domestic families.
Financial Tuition Assistance
CAWNY offers a generous tuition assistance program.  After completing the Tuition Assistance form, your family may be eligible to receive a substantial discount on all tuition costs.  This assistance can work hand-in-hand with the Volunteer Program. 
Tuition Assistance is based on the family's income, number of students enrolling and family size.  It is available to families with children in all grades, including High School.
Quick and Easy, Short Form for Tuition Assistance for Prospective Families
Prospective families can apply for tuition assistance to see if Christian education is something that can be prioritized in their family's budget before going through the enrollment process.  As families make the decision of whether or not to pursue Christian education for their child(ren), families can already have an amount that it will cost them for the school year in hand when their family applies for admittance.  To complete this short, online form, please click here.
If your family qualifies for tuition assistance through the short form, you will need to complete a full Application for Tuition Assistance after enrollment.  The form is not long or difficult, but it does require verification and a little more detail than the short form.  
Full Application for Tuition Assistance for New Families (already enrolled for next school year)
If you have decided that Christian education is definitely something your family is going to pursue or if you have already enrolled for the next school year, you can complete a full 2023-24 Application for Tuition Assistance.  Click here to print an application.
The full 2023-24 Application for Tuition Assistance can also be completed online by clicking here.
You can print one (when they become available) or you can request one be mailed to you.  Please contact us by phone (or text) at 716-930-3962, by email here, or by mail:
Sandy L. Meyers, Business Office
Christian Academy of Western New York
789 Gilmore Avenue
North Tonawanda, New York  14120.
We look forward to hearing from your family.
Volunteer Program
Currently, and throughout the year, CAWNY has a great need for volunteers.  We understand that God equips everyone with special talents and gifts.  If you are able to use your God-given abilities to aid CAWNY in a tangible way, then CAWNY may be able to use that in figuring tuition assistance.


Large Family Discount
Families are only required to pay tuition for the first three children.  All other children attend tuition-free.  This discount applies to immediate family members only.


Bison Fund Scholarship Program
The Bison Fund is a privately funded program that offers tuition assistance to low income families.  It is an annual lottery that awards amounts at a minimum of $500 towards a child's education, with the largest grant available at $2,500.00 per child.  This money is allowed to be used at any private grammar school, K through 8, of choice.  Families in all eight counties are eligible to apply, if you meet the financial guidelines.  New applications are due by February 28 for the following school year.  Please visit their website for more information:


Please ask the Business Administrator, Mrs. Meyers, for further details on any of the types of tuition assistance.  She can be reached by email here.