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CAWNY Has a Heart for Missions!


CAWNY students and their parents have been very generous over the past year!
During the 2017-18 school year alone, our school raised over $4,000 that was immediately sent out to various charities, missionaries and ministries.
Throughout the year, the High School Student Council raised money through Grub Days:
   - to assist the Convoy of Hope with hurricane relief (September); 
   - to send to Jeannette Sullivan, a CAWNY alumnus, who is currently a missionary in Russia (October);
   - to send to Adam Cesar, a former CAWNY teacher, who is currently a missionary in South Africa (November);
   - to assist King's Kids Village, an orphanage in Kenya (December);
   - to support our CAWNY students individually as they endeavor in missions work (January);
   - to send to Gospel Facilitators International, specifically, Dr. Kevin Cole and the Mexico missionary team (February);
   - to assist Sara Bampton, a missionary in China ( (March);
   - to support Adams Thermal Foundation, which has orphanages in Africa ( (April);
   - to send to Captain Dave's Boat Ministry, a ministry which takes local special needs and underprivileged kids on fishing adventures (May); and
   - to support Casa Bernabe, an orphanage in Guatemala ( (June).


The National Honor Society High School students raised money to help with hurricane relief through Samaritan's Purse.
The school (along with the local YMCA) held a Fall Festival.  At the festival, CAWNY set up a fun game (run by two of our parents) for kids and adults alike.  All the money raised through this game was given to the North Tonawanda Food Bank.
The entire school pulled together to send over 50 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes to kids all over the world through Samaritan's Purse.