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The information below is during a normal school year.  Breakfast/Lunch choices have changed due to Covid.  We hope to return to normal as soon as possible.
Each school day, your student(s) will be asked to choose which lunch they want for that day.  They can choose between several options.  Every lunch comes with a choice of two vegetables and one fruit.  The only difference in the lunches is the Main Item.
Choice A:  The Main Item for Choice A changes each day and has more than one option. 
For example, a student might have the choice of Tacos, Chicken Patty Sandwich or Chicken Salad. 
Click here to see a menu.
Choice B:  The Main Item for Choice B is always a PB&J sandwich. 
Choice C:  Bagel Meal (bagel (plus cream cheese or butter), cheese stick, vegetable, fruit).
Milk is offered with every meal.
Fresh fruit is offered daily.
Lunch Prices:  $2.10 for full price student (information about Free/Reduced Breakfast and Lunch applications found here)
Breakfast Options are as follows:
Choose One Entree:
Daily Option (see Main Office for a menu)
Assorted Cereals
Assorted Graham Crackers
Cereal Bars
Oatmeal Bar
Trix Yogurt w/Cheese
Hot Breakfast Sandwich
May Choose Two Fruits:
100% Juice Cup (4 oz) (Apple, Orange or Fruit Punch)
Fresh Fruit or Canned Fruit
Choose One Milk:
1% or Fat Free Milk (4 oz carton)
To be a complete breakfast, each student must take a minimum of three (3) items.
1/2 cup of fruit must be chosen with all meals.
Breakfast Prices:  $1.20 for full price student (information about Free/Reduced Breakfast and Lunch applications found here)


General Breakfast/Lunch Information

Due to the fact that Aramark, in conjunction with the North Tonawanda School District, provides our students' breakfasts and lunches, they are required to participate in the National School Meal Program under the guidance of the USDA. Student lunch is planned to meet one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for the dietary guidelines for the student's age group. Under these guidelines, Aramark must meet standards for calories, percentage of fat, protein, calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.
Aramark, guided by North Tonawanda district’s Wellness Policy, provides menus with increased quantities of vegetables/fruits and grains for our students. Students are offered a variety of milk choices, including fat-free, low fat, and flavored on a daily basis. Students are also offered a variety of meats/poultry, fresh fruits, vegetables and grains on a daily basis through our breakfast and lunch programs.