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Periodically, we give our parents an opportunity to leave a testimonial, if they would like.  Below are some the new testimonials that came in during the 2018-19 School Year (the ones from previous years are further down):


"Christian Academy of Western New York has been a blessing to us since our girls began there several years ago.  The staff is amazing.  They focus not only on education, but helping us to raise our children in a God-fearing, God-centered direction.  We cannot expres our thanks enough to Mrs. L and all the staff.  We love you all so much and are so thankful for the school."

- Parents of High School students; CAWNY family since 2015


"I really love this school.  My son has blossomed from attending this school and his reading has improved tremendously.  I love the fact that he is learning about God."

- Parent of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2018


"My daughter has been attending CAWNY since 2nd Grade.  The teachers are really helpful and they genuinely care about each student.  The teachers have the student's best interests in mind and will work with them to help them achieve their best."

- Parents of a High School student; CAWNY family since 2011


"We have had our four children at CAWNY since our two seniors were in 7th Grade.  The staff and administration come alongside of us, as parents, to help us raise up our children in the ways of our God.  In this day and age where everything in this world is "acceptable," it is refreshing to have our kids learn to write their own line in the sand and to stand on the Word of God.  Having daily prayer in school and weekly Chapel, along with Bible classes, helps to root our children in Truth.  Thank you CAWNY!"

- Parents of Elementary, Middle and High School students; CAWNY family since 2013


"We enrolled our girls in CAWNY High School in 2017.  It was the best decision we've ever made for them.  Since then, they have improved not only academically, but socially and spiritually as well.  The teachers are all very attentive to our girls' needs and are always encouraging them and equipping them to do their very best.  Our only regret is that we did not get them in sooner."

- Parents of High School students; CAWNY family since 2017


"We like that the school's common core is Jesus Christ.  We like that handwriting is included in the curriculum, that there's a family atmosphere and the small class sizes."

 - Parents of Middle and High School students; CAWNY family since 2011


"I love CAWNY.  Everyone here is so wonderful.  They have the heart of Jesus.  The classes are small so the children get the attention they need.  The teachers seem to go the extra mile to help your child be a success."

Parent of a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2016


"It is such a blessing to know that our children are in a school where they are learning Biblical truth and being prayed and cared for by faithful, loving teachers and staff.  We so appreciate the fact that our children are getting a Biblical worldview of life through what they are being taught by their teachers and throughout their textbooks.  We are so glad that they have the privilege of attending this school!"

Parent of Middle and High School students; CAWNY family since 2016


"I have the highest regard for CAWNY.  I am so grateful that my girl was able to attend this current school year.  Her third grade teacher, Ms. Engert, is an exceptionally dedicated and capable teacher.  My daughter is developing so well under her guidance."

Parent of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2018


"I love that I don't have to worry about what they are learning in school and that they offer extracurricular activities.  Everything a public school can offer, but smaller, more personalized and God is the focus."

Parent of Elementary and High School students; CAWNY family since 2014


"It is a blessing that my daughter is in a school where she is learning Biblical truth.  We are thankful to all teachers and staff for their hard work.  May God bless every one of them."

Parent of an Middle School student and a 2018 graduate; CAWNY family since 2016


"CAWNY has been a great experience for my daughter.  The small class sizes were important for her to thrive in a learning environment and she loves going to school now.  The teachers and staff are great and really care about the kids."

Parent of a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2018


"I love that my children are learning to hear God's voice and His purpose for their lives.  CAWNY offers a small student to teacher ratio and they develop relationships along the way.  I enjoy being 'family' at this school.  Solid education with a Christian worldview at an affordable price!  We love CAWNY!"

Parent of Elementary, Middle School and High School students; CAWNY family since 2008


"I noticed both of my children singing Christian songs around the house.  They would tell me it was a song they sang in Chapel at school.  This blessed my heart!"

Parent of Elementary and Middle School students; CAWNY family since 2018

"My daughter loves attending Christian Academy.  We as parents are also grateful that she can receive a Christ-centered education.  We are happy to see her learning Bible verses and see her knowledge of the Bible increasing."

Parent of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2012



(Testimonials are organized by the age of the oldest enrolled child in the family)


CAWNY Elementary - Pre-K through 5th Grade

“I am writing this…in praise of our daughter's teacher. She has guided [our daughter] from Pre-K through First Grade. I am amazed at how much knowledge both scholastically, as well as spiritually, Mrs. Patterson has imparted to [our daughter]. Our daughter has grown significantly under Mrs. Patterson’s tutelage. I cannot sing her praises enough. She is literally the most unique teacher I have ever seen in my life. She has made school work come to life as well as imparted knowledge and wisdom regarding the Bible and Bible stories in such a way that this letter or any form of thanking her could never come close to the debt our family has for this wonderful woman. In closing, I would highly recommend Mrs. Patterson to start your children off for a complete Christian education where she has no equal in my opinion.”

Parent of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2012


"Every day I see improvements in my daughter. I'm shocked by her progress. Her language and reading is much better, but most importantly, her interactions with other students."

Parent of Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2014


"...I love that my son is getting a quality education along with gaining a better understanding of what it means to love God and serve Him."

Alumni parent of Elementary students; CAWNY family (for the second time) since Fall, 2014


"I like that CAWNY does not use any Common Core curriculum, but that it uses Christian texts (Abeka/BJU) that promote a Christian worldview, which is vital for our children to have as believers in Christ in this post-modern world. We wanted a school that would support and re-enforce our Christian beliefs, values and morals, as well as have solid academics and I believe CAWNY does both. They offer instrument lessons and band for the students at a humble fee. Pray and seek the Lord and His wisdom, asking Him if this is the right school for your child and family to be a part of!"

Parents of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2015


"We love the school because it is like an extended part of our family. The focus is on God and family, as well as education."

Parent of an Elementary student and a previous graduate; CAWNY family since 2001


"I love all the teachers. They're all so nice. I am very happy with the fact that school doesn't do Common Core. My daughter is progressing very well...and is learning about God and the Bible as well as the curriculum. Great opportunities for all the grades: dance, sports, etc.”

Parent of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2014


“CAWNY is an amazing school. My son just started [in 2017] and it already seems like a family. I am so happy we made the decision to bring him here.”

Parent of an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2017


“We are so glad that our daughter started attending CAWNY. We love the fact that she is getting a Christian education and that the classroom sizes are small enough to give the one-on-one attention that she has needed to succeed spiritually and academically!”

Parent to an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2016


“We love that Christian values are being taught as they get an education. We like the small classrooms where each child’s needs are met and important.”

Parent to Elementary students; CAWNY family since 2014


“Sending my son to CAWNY was the best decision I could have made. Since my son has been attending CAWNY, he has thrived in so many ways. Everyone is so wonderful. It is a wonderful family to belong to!”

Parent to an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2015


“We had moved to the area when [my son] started CAWNY. I was a little worried about the transition because he loved his old school, but everyone at CAWNY made him feel so welcome that he quickly grew to love his new school. Mrs. L [principal] made the transition smooth for us and everyone has been so nice and helpful. My son is getting a good education here, and it’s even better that it is Christ-centered. …I am so glad he goes to CAWNY.”

Parent to an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2016


“We didn’t have a good experience in public school. Too many kids in each classroom, too worldly, too much bullying. I was delighted to bring my child to CAWNY. What a difference! Within one year, my child’s school life had completely turned around. A child struggling in reading/spelling became a “top speller.” (And I cannot lie. The first time my child brought home spelling words with Christian words in the mix, it brought a tear to my eye.) A child who believed he was not good at math discovered math is his strongest subject. And I could go on and on about the Biblical teaching that we are so thankful for! CAWNY reinforces our home values. CAWNY has been an immeasurable blessing!”

Parent to an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2015


“Both my children enjoy school.  They like the smaller class sizes and how easy it is to get help from the teachers.  They love the friendly atmosphere.  As a parent, I like how the school doesn’t use Common Core.  So, now, if the kids need help with homework, I can help them.  Overall, school is a great experience and I wish I would have switched them earlier.  My 4th grader likes how everyone is nice and they really help her when she doesn’t understand something.”

Parent to an Elementary student and High School student); CAWNY family since 2017 


CAWNY Middle School – 6th through 8th Grade

"CAWNY supports and develops your child's education and nurtures your child's relationship with Jesus Christ, thus meeting both your child's educational and spiritual developmental needs. Also, CAWNY will work with you to make a financial payment that meets with your family's budget."

Parent of Middle School students; CAWNY family since 2011


"CAWNY is a wonderful school...and my daughter loves it! The students are very accepting and friendly, and the teachers are all fantastic. School to home communication is wonderful and very consistent. The curriculum is very thorough and well-rounded. CAWNY is the best decision for us!"

Parent of a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2011


"My son went to two different schools and missed a lot of days because he didn't want to go. Now, I don't have to worry about it. He goes to school and gets his work done. He has improved so much!"

Parent of a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2015


"From the day I set foot in CAWNY, I knew this was where my children would attend school."

Parent to an Elementary student and a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2013


“CAWNY is an excellent school. The teachers are all knowledgeable and exceedingly kind. The small class sizes are great because it allows the teacher time to spend individually with a student, if they need it. The students are friendly and welcoming. Having a God-centered education has been wonderful. There are extracurricular activities for a lot of varied interests. I really appreciate sending our daughter to a school where the teachers care about her as a person, not as a standardized test score.”

Parent to a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2014


“I learned about CAWNY from my daughter-in-law...who attended CAWNY herself. I decided to transfer my daughter there and it was the best decision I ever made. Her teacher helped turn my daughter completely around. She went from not knowing how to read or write to reading fluently and writing in cursive. [Her teacher] would pray with my daughter and I watched her flourish.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience with CAWNY."

Parent of an Elementary student and a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2012


“I have found that what makes any Christian school special is its faculty. The faculty at CAWNY shows tremendous care to our children. The kids come home excited about learning and express how the classroom comes alive. The leadership team especially, sets the tone for the faculty. CAWNY is a positive influence on our kids’ lives.”

Parent to an Elementary and a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2011


"We have had eight children attend. We were looking for a school that was Christ-centered and would take our children from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. CAWNY has been that for us."

Parents of an Elementary student and a Middle School student and multiple Graduates; CAWNY family since 1994


“I love that my kids learn about God and Bible in school. There are smaller classes, but there are still after-school activities and clubs they can join.”

Parents of Elementary students and a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2015


“Funding a Christian education for us was a tough decision. We didn’t want to send our children to a school simply because they called themselves “Christian.” We interviewed a few local schools and knew the moment we sat with Mrs. L [principal] that “this was it.” She has always demonstrated Christ-like character and is a great example to her staff and students. My girls love CAWNY and wouldn’t even think of attending anywhere else. We are happy to be a part of the CAWNY family.”

Parents of Elementary students and a Middle School student; CAWNY family since 2013


CAWNY High School – 9th Grade through 12th Grade

"What do I love about CAWNY? Everything!"

Parent of a Middle School student and a High School student; CAWNY family since 2009


"CAWNY is such a great school. Our children will be here until they graduate! At CAWNY, your child isn't just another name on a piece of paper. The staff take the time to really know each child's name and heart, showing such love to all the children. Words could never express how truly blessed we are as a family to have CAWNY be a part of our children's lives and upbringing."

Parents of an Elementary student and a High School student; CAWNY family since 2009


"All I can say is "Wow!" My children absolutely love this school. I am particularly pleased with the faculty and the level of care, love and attention that they show the children. My children always come home with giant smiles on their faces, recapping how their day went. I enjoy their stories, and most importantly, I love how this school's focus is on Christ and training children up in the way they should go."

Parent of High School students; CAWNY family since 2015


"Not only do we love CAWNY, but our kids do as well. CAWNY provides not only an excellent Christian education, but also lots of love and encouragement."

Parents of Elementary, Middle School and High School students; CAWNY family since 2012


"With all the worldly pressures on kids these days, we were very concerned about our two older children. They were in public school and almost headed to Middle School. We couldn't bear the thought of that and God led us to CAWNY. Amen! What a blessing that all four of our kids can attend the same school (Pre-K through 12) and God is invited to be there every day! Mrs. L (the principal) is so full of the joy of the Lord. The teachers have been excellent. They put God first and they truly care about helping us to raise Godly children. Thank you, CAWNY!"

Parents of Elementary, Middle School and High School students; CAWNY family since 2013


"As a parent of a special needs foster child, I was amazed at this school's ability to help me secure her future, both academically and spiritually. I thank God every day to see the impossible happening right before our eyes!!"

Parent of a High School student; CAWNY family since 2010


"We are very thankful for CAWNY. We truly believe all of our children are on the path God has for them due to the love and encouragement they have received here. The continual reinforcement of core Biblical values they receive at CAWNY is such a blessing to us as parents.  I enjoy CAWNY because my children have a safe place to grow and nurture good healthy relationships with other students and teachers."

Parent of a High School student and previous graduates; CAWNY family since 2009


"CAWNY has two distinct advantages over public high school:

The Students: I was a little nervous about putting my children in a Christian school. I didn't want them to be sheltered from the world. I didn't want them to be unprepared to face the world when they left High School. But, to my teens' advantage, is the fact that not every High Schooler is in the same place in their spiritual walk as my teens. Some are walking ahead of my teens and some are behind. That gives my teens an opportunity to not only lead, but to experience worldly questions and debates in their private circles. Due to the diversity at the school, my kids are being exposed to the world's values (and lies!) and will be prepared to face a fallen world when they graduate.

The Teachers: All the while, the CAWNY staff is constantly reinforcing our values and beliefs in the classroom. It is a blessing beyond measure to sit down at the dinner table in the evenings and hear my boys having a lively discussion (or even a debate) about a topic discussed earlier in the day in their Bible class; or to hear them discuss world events from a Biblical worldview. The Christian staff at CAWNY is the main reason my teens attend this school or graduated from it. (Great sports programs, too!)"

Parent of High School students and previous graduates; CAWNY family since 2008


"CAWNY has a solid Christian environment and is committed to upholding Christian moral and ethical standards. The staff of CAWNY keep a good example and show Christian kindness as their first foot forward in wholesome caring for our children's needs: personal, educational and spiritual."

Parent of a High School student and a graduate; CAWNY family since 2003


“Both my children enjoy school.  They like the smaller class sizes and how easy it is to get help from the teachers.  They love the friendly atmosphere.  As a parent, I like how the school doesn’t use Common Core.  So, now, if the kids need help with homework, I can help them.  Overall, school is a great experience and I wish I would have switched them earlier.

My 9th grader stated that he learned more in two weeks than a whole semester at public school.  He also likes that he is learning more about God and scriptures and how he can apply what he learns to everyday living.”

Parent of a High School student and an Elementary student; CAWNY family since 2017


“This is our first year at CAWNY. Our daughter is adapting well. The school is very active and we are very pleased.”

Parent to a High School student; CAWNY family since 2017



(Click here to hear from the CAWNY Graduates themselves.)


"I am thankful for the solid, Christ-centered education that CAWNY offers."

Parent of a Graduate; CAWNY family since 1997


"Our experience at CAWNY has been great. The teachers are very dedicated. I feel my children are safe at CAWNY. The music program is excellent. I love the fact that my children are getting a quality Christian education."

Parent of a Graduate; CAWNY family since 2011


"The teachers really care and show a personal interest. This school has changed my son's life."

Parent of a Graduate; CAWNY family since 2013


"I wanted to have my daughter taught in a Christian environment, but the added bonus is when we drop her off at school, it is like dropping her off with family."

Parent of a graduate; CAWNY family since 2002


“Together, we formed a unified front that gave him stability and security as he explored the person he was becoming. Rules and understanding were a safety net provided to him by this school. They also extended an understanding arm of support to me as his parent that carried me through the sometimes turbulent and trying times as a mom. Today, my son is a man in the Air Force military intelligence and serves on loan to the special ops of the Army Rangers when in Iraq. He is exemplary as a man, a husband and new father. His character has been shaped by the loving discipline and diligence of a school and staff who truly taught him to respect himself and others and to value education and himself, scholastically, as well as the lessons life teaches along the way. I am grateful for their invaluable input into his life and know they are responsible in large part for the person he has become.”

Parent of a graduate of CAWNY


International Host Families

"I like the relationship the teachers have with the parents. It's great to have teachers that care about the success of their students."

Host Parent to an International Student


"The staff at CAWNY are caring and models of Christianity. Besides providing a Christian education, they also give the students individual attention."

Host Parent to an International Student; CAWNY family since 2008


"I think CAWNY is a wonderful school, for the community and especially for all of the exchange students. Mrs. Poeller and so many teachers just doing wonderful things!"

Host Parent to an International Student