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CAWNY Kindergarten and First Grade offers students an educational foundation in all subject areas through all forms of learning including hands-on play.
Our math curriculum teaches addition and subtraction, place values, money values, comparison, telling time, and more.
Our English curriculum is made up of phonics building blocks, sight word memorization, reading relevant and age-appropriate books, and spelling basics.
Science and History are taught half-year for this level. They are always presented from a Biblical worldview, emphasizing God as the Creator.
Bible is a core part of the daily classroom experience. Students learn about events and people in the Bible, sing Christian songs, memorize verses, and attend a weekly chapel.
Our K-1 students enjoy indoor and outdoor specials as part of their week. These include, art, free play time, structured group play, quiet rest time, physical education, and music play.
K-1 students also have the opportunity to attend field trips during the school year.
Our full day program offers small class size with a multi-instructional approach to learning, which prepares each child to effectively meet the challenges of grade school.
Applicants for Kindergarten must be five years old by December 1st.