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Each Middle School student (from 6th to 8th Grade) enjoys a full schedule of classes that focus on academic excellence and responsible decision-making.
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What are Parents saying about CAWNY Middle School?

"Everyone at the school cares about children.  The curriculum is God-centered and taught by caring teachers.  The administrators are great, too!"

"CAWNY supports and develops your child's education and nurtures your child's relationship to Jesus Christ, thus meeting both your child's educational and spiritual developmental needs.  Also, CAWNY will work with you to make a financial payment that meets with your family's budget."

"I am grateful for a school that centers my children's education around Jesus Christ.  I love that every day starts with prayer!  CAWNY has a love for our Lord and Savior like no other school I know!"

"CAWNY is a wonderful school...and my daughter loves it!  The students are very accepting and friendly, and the teachers are all fantastic.  School to home communication is wonderful and very consistent.  The curriculum is very thorough and well-rounded.  CAWNY is the best decision for us!"

"My son went to two different schools and missed a lot of days because he didn't want to go.  Now, I don't have to worry about it.  He goes to school and gets his work done.  He has improved so much!"

"The staff at CAWNY are dedicated to ensuring my child's needs are met for her continuing education.  The teachers take the extra time to practice the harder concepts for those who need it."

"I like the fact that my grandson is being taught Biblical values and the truth about creation and evolution.  I like the small class sizes."

"CAWNY is such a great school.  Our children will be here until they graduate!  At CAWNY, your child isn't just another name on a piece of paper.  The staff take the time to really know each child's name and heart, showing such love to all the children.  Words could never express how truly blessed we are as a family to have CAWNY be a part of our children's lives and upbringing."

"CAWNY is a blessing to my son, our family and the community.  My son enjoys going to the school.  Definitely, CAWNY is the best education choice available in W. N. Y."

"All I can say is "Wow!"  My children absolutely love this school.  I am particularly pleased with the faculty and the level of care, love and attention that they show the children.  My children always come home with giant smiles on their faces, recapping how their day went.  I enjoy their stories, and most importantly, I love how this school's focus is on Christ and training children up in the way they should go."

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