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The High School Student Council presents "Grub Day." 
Basically, “Grub Day,” is a fundraiser in disguise (for missions/charities) where students and teachers pay in order to wear certain things outside of the dress code.  The CAWNY Middle School students developed the concept many years ago to promote awareness and involvement in missionary giving.  The office will have a table set up in the foyer from 8 to 8:30am each Grub Day morning.  This is where you pay for your all day pass. (BOCES students or anyone arriving late can go the office to pay.)
Grub Days are open to ALL GRADES.
Cost is $5.00; Family Discount is $12.00 for families with 3 or more students.
Of course, donations will also be accepted.
Remember, NO...
- objectionable logos or images on clothing
- skulls, cross bones, inappropriate writing
- crop tops
- ripped or excessively tight jeans
- open toe shoes
- pajamas (sweat pants are allowed)
As always, modesty rules apply!
2022-23 School Year
If a ministry description is not given, please click the ministry's name for more information.
(Unfortunately, our 10th-12th Grade Missions Trip had to be canceled.)
September - Student Council Leadership Conference (previously 10th-12th Grade Missions Trip)
October - Operation Christmas Child
November - Student Council Leadership Conference
December - International Host Connection
("Hosting is life changing 12 week summer and/or 4 week winter event where you welcome an orphaned child into your family’s home. Host children range in age from 6-16 and each host family is allowed to choose the child that fits best with their family dynamic after viewing the children’s photos and reading their biographies online. Without hosting, most of these children will eventually ‘age out’ of the system and never experience the life-giving, life-changing love that family provides. Hosting can also serve as a connection between an orphan and his or her ‘forever family’. ")
January - Bethesda Church / Missions Division specifically
February - Janette Sullivan (alumnus/missionary to Russia)
March - Heartcry Missionary Society
April - 8 Days of Hope
May - CareNet of Lockport
June - Buffalo City Mission's Cornerstone Manor (for Women and Children)
2021-22 School Year
If a ministry description is not given, please click the ministry's name for more information.
September - Student Missions (raising money for a student who might like to attend a missions trip, but cannot afford to do so) - we raised $261!!
October - Operation Christmas Child - we raised $273!! This money will be used to pay for shipping costs for the boxes our CAWNY families create together.
November - Magdalene Project - Joanne Lorenzo has a heart for the down and out in Niagara Falls, especially women at risk. That's why she founded the Magdalene Project, which provides food, toiletries and clothes to prostitutes, the homeless and other low-income people. With a small group of faithful volunteers, she heads out every Friday night to serve those in need.  We raised $376!!
December - Saving Grace - we raised $223!!
January - Buffalo Dream Center - we raised $230!!
February - CareNet of Lockport - we raised $367!
March - SonRays Ministries - we raised $288!!
April - Eight Days of Hope - we raised $279!
May - Buffalo City Mission - we raised $269!
June - Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund - we raised $298!
(2020-21 School Year
($321 raised and sent to Adams!)
October - Janette Sullivan (alumnus, serving as a missionary in Russia)
($309 raised and sent to Janette!)
November - Magdalene Project ( \/ )
($324 raised!  Split evenly with Magdalene Project since Nov's Grub Day was canceled for safety (Covid) reasons)
January - Eight Days of Hope 
($234 raised and sent to Eight Days of Hope)
February - International Host Connection (connecting Ukraine orphans with families in the US)
($266 raised and sent to IHC)
March - The Christie Family (missionaries)
($195 raised and sent to the Christies)
April - The Cesar Family (former teacher, now a missionary in Africa)
($248 raised and sent to the Cesars)
($288 raised and sent to the Buffalo Dream Center)
(this Grub Day had to be canceled at the end of the year - CAWNY sent $250 to this charity anyway)