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Dress Codes
The dress codes for the upcoming school year can be found here.
New Uniform Orders
PLEASE READ:  It is very important that you order your student's uniforms during the month of August.  Our uniform supplier has a minimum for each order and although CAWNY will take your orders throughout the year, they will not be filled until that minimum is reached, which could be several months.  When ordering, please allow three (3) weeks for delivery.  
Hoodies:  The dress code with regard to pants and shirts varies from Elementary to Middle School to High School.  However, ALL STUDENTS must wear hoodies with the school logo.  
Gym clothes:  The dress code for gym clothes will be strictly enforced this year.  ALL STUDENTS must wear CAWNY-issued gym clothes.  Please be sure your child has or orders gym clothes for the upcoming year.
Once again, our uniform provider requires a minimum amount for orders.  During the school months, for obvious reasons, the orders are much smaller, causing us to have to wait until the minimum is reached.  Please order your student's uniform needs in August for the upcoming year.
CAWNY Uniform Store will open for two weeks in August (click here) and again in October.
All gym clothes need to be bought through our CAWNY Uniform Store.
Parents have two options when it comes to purchasing dress code hoodies:
#1 - they can purchase pre-printed hoodies through our CAWNY Uniform Store; OR
#2 - they can purchase hoodies and have the logo screen printed onto them at the school-approved screen printing location.  Remember, shirts must be unworn and unwashed before screen printing.
Designer Sportswear ($6)
80 Webster Street in North Tonawanda
(716) 695-3369
Open Mondays and Wednesdays, noon to 5 pm
(You might want to call this location before stopping by.)
Used Uniforms
Parents may stop by and look through our used uniforms after August 1.  All used uniforms are FREE.  (Please call before you come to be sure someone is in the building - 433-1652.)
If you have gently used uniforms to donate, please drop them off at the school as soon as possible.  (Thank you!)
"Used uniforms" does not mean just items ordered from our uniform provider.  There are also piles of skirts, pants, etc., anything a student might need for CAWNY.  


Alternative Uniform Provider for Skirts and Pants, specifically
There has been some confusion about the types of pants and skirts that were acceptable as part of the school uniform.  Some students had to be told that they had bought the incorrect style/type of pants or skirts and could not wear them.  Therefore, we came up with a crystal clear solution. 
If you (or your child/teen) are not sure exactly what is acceptable and what is not, CAWNY has partnered with Flynn & O’Hara of Williamsville to supply your pants and skirt needs.  Please understand, we are not requiring that you purchase these items at Flynn & O’Hara.  If you cannot find acceptable pants and skirts in your favorite store or online, you can visit Flynn & O’Hara’s location in Williamsville.  Just give them our school’s name and they will help you.
There will be no tolerance for students dressing out of dress code.  So, please, review the dress code, or remind your teen to do so before school begins.  You can visit Flynn & O’Hara’s website here.