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This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

Click here for a list of colleges and universities that have accepted our graduates.
A Letter from Our International Student Administrator:
Dear Prospective International Applicant,
Thank you for visiting Christian Academy of Western New York!
Our high school is located in beautiful western New York, just 30 minutes south of Niagara Falls, near the Canadian border. Our suburban community is family-friendly and known for attracting people from around the world desiring to visit this area of the United States. In fact, Niagara Falls has 28 million visitors per year!
Though international students at Christian Academy of Western New York make up no more than 15% of our entire student body, the International Student Program was specifically created to ensure the 100% academic success of these students throughout their high school careers and beyond. Our graduates have a strong desire and commitment to continue their education beyond high school. Over 95% of our graduates choose to continue their education at either a 2-year or a 4-year college/university.
Each international student is carefully evaluated on campus and then placed in the appropriate English resource class. The purpose of these classes is to strengthen English reading, writing and oral skills and to prepare students for the SAT I Reasoning Test and TOEFL. These classes also help international students navigate through college applications and prepare them for college in America.
Equal to academic success, Christian Academy of Western New York’s priority is to support international students through personal and spiritual growth.
I look forward to speaking with you or your representative.
Patricia Poeller
International Student Administrator
(as a Principal Designated School Officer)
Application Process
For the application process, you can either:
A)  complete a printed application by hand (International Admissions Form)
B)  you can complete a large portion of the application online and only print those documents which require a signature. 
Additional information: