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CAWNY’s general tuition rates, beginning with the 2023-24 School Year, are as follows:
$2,400 for half-day (Mon-Fri) K4 Class
$3,600 for full-day (Mon-Fri) K4 Class
$3,950 for first K-5th Grade child
$3,750 for second K-5th Grade child
$3,550 for third K-5th Grade child
$5,665 for first 6th-8th Grade child
$5,365 for second 6th-8th Grade child
$5,065 for third 6th-8th Grade child
$6,695 for High School students
Christian Academy of Western New York does everything it possibly can to make a Christian education affordable, including a variety of Payment Plans (examples of actual payment plans).
Information about Financial Tuition Assistance
(These rates are for US students only.
Additional fees apply to International Students.)