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Bussing Information

If you live within fifteen (15) miles of the CAWNY campus, most districts will provide public school bus transportation to our school.  

Specifically, the City of Niagara Falls and the City of Buffalo will not provide transportation.

The City of Tonawanda will not provide transportation, but the Town of Tonawanda will.

Other districts that have provided transportation in the past include:  Cheektowaga, Clarence, Grand Island, KenTon, LewPort, Niagara Wheatfield, North Tonawanda, RoyHart, Starpoint, Sweet Home, Williamsville and Wilson.


Town or City of Lockport

If you live in the Town or City of Lockport and you are further than fifteen miles from our school, then the Lockport School District will not pick up your child at your home.  However, they do provide a general pick up location at 120 Main Street (behind Key Bank).  You would simply have to bring your child to this location and they will get on the public school bus there.  

If you DO live within the fifteen mile limit, ask the Main Office for a transportation form.



NEW families (who are new to CAWNY, but not their school district) must apply to their Home School District by April 1st.  However, if you just moved to a new area, please contact your local District school about what is required and when.

If you are a RETURNING family, please ask the Main Office for your appropriate form, complete and return it to CAWNY's Main Office before the 3rd week in March.  

Kindergarten through 5th Grade students must live more than one mile from the school to qualify and 6th through 8th Grade students must live more than one and one-half miles away.