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CAWNY Elementary (2nd to 5th grade) provides a well-rounded foundation in a variety of academic subjects.
A traditional math curriculum is taught with a focus on facts and operations that provide building blocks for upper level math.
Our traditional curriculum also provides a phonics-based reading instruction as well as spelling and cursive writing.
Science and History are presented from a Christian worldview with an emphasis on the fact that God is not only the Creator of the universe, but is also the author of all events throughout history.
Bible is a core component in our Elementary classrooms.  Students memorize Bible verses and attend a multi-grade chapel each week.
Elementary students also have the opportunity to attend educational field trips throughout the year.  

What are Parents saying about CAWNY Elementary?

"The love of Christ is very evident in the halls of CAWNY."

"Every day I see improvements in my daughter.  I'm shocked by her progress.  Her language and reading is much better, but most importantly, her interactions with other students."

"...I love that my son is getting a quality education along with gaining a better understanding of what it means to love God and serve Him." 

"...the time and effort that the teachers and staff at CAWNY take to instill the Christian values I stand for into my daughter are a huge blessing to me.  The school is not just a school, it is a ministry...May the Lord continue to truly and abundantly bless CAWNY!"

"We love the school because it is like an extended part of our family.  The focus is on God and family, as well as education."

"I love all the teachers.  They're all so nice.  I am very happy with the fact that school doesn't do Common Core.  My daughter is progressing very well...and is learning about God and the Bible as well as the curriculum.  Great opportunities for all the grades:  dance, sports, etc."

"I learned about CAWNY from my daughter-in-law...who attended CAWNY herself.  I decided to transfer my daughter there and it was the best decision I ever made. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with CAWNY."

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