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Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective Parents:
I have always heard that private education is very expensive.  My family could never afford it.  Could we?
Since its inception in 1993, the Chrisian Academy of Western New York has earnestly endeavored to provide a quality Christian education at an affordable cost.  However, even with the tuition costs at a minimum, we realize that some families still cannot afford the rate.  Therefore, the school has a generous Tuition Assistance Program.  We wholeheartedly strive never to turn a family away due to their income.  For more information, please click on our "Admissions" tab.
What grades are offered?
Kindergarten through 12th Grade.
Where is the school located?
We are located at 789 Gilmore Avenue in North Tonawanda (behind Payne Pool).
What denomination or church is the Academy affiliated with?
The school is non-denominational and not affiliated or supported by any single church.  It simply provides a Christ-centered education to all families who desire it regardless of their denomination.  We strive to ensure that each student not only learns of God's love, but also genuinely feels it from every member of our staff.  We have many churches represented at CAWNY.  Click here to see a list of all the local churches represented at CAWNY.
Does my child have to test to get into the school?
Are Special Education services offered?
Yes.  We offer full Special Education services through our local district.  Our school also has a Resource Room with a full-time Special Education teacher for students who have an IEP/504 Plan or for students who just require additional assistance.
How big is the school?  Is the student/teacher ratio high?
The school has approximately 100 students.  The student to teacher ratio is low.
What is meant by a "quality education"?
Our school provides a quality education in two ways:
First, by providing a standard of excellence for educating the whole student in a Christian environment.  It is our goal to inspire and facilitate the development of each child: academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.
Second, we are a State-registered school, with a charter from the New York State Board of Regents.  We also are a member of the National Honor Society.  Our teaching staff is top notch.  Be sure to read all about them in the "Our Staff" section of our website.
You say that your school is "traditionally styled."  What does that mean?
We simply mean that our school is set up the same as a traditional school. There are several students in each classroom with a teacher instructing them.  It is not an online or workbook-only style of learning.  It is vibrant and interactive with a teacher leading the learning process.
My teenager would like to attend BOCES.  Does the Christian Academy work with the BOCES program?
We have many high school students who attend BOCES.  Transportation is provided through the local districts, but is coordinated by CAWNY.  
Does the school participate in any sports programs?
Yes.  Extra-curricular sports include volleyball, soccer, basketball, cross-country and cheerleading.  
My child receives free or reduced breakfasts and lunches in public school.  Is there a similar program at this school?
Our Breakfast/Lunch Program is currently operated by CAWNY.  The school does not receive any government funds and can, therefore, serve food that your child(ren) will actually eat.  CAWNY began the program during the 2021-22 School Year and it has been very well received by students!  Click here to learn more.
Is there any way that my child could visit the school during an average school day?
It is highly recommended that your child shadow a current student during three (3) average school days to help in making your decision.  You can call our office (433-1652) during the school year to schedule shadowing.
What are current parents' thoughts of the school?
We will let them speak for themselves.  Please click on "Testimonials" on this page.
I live in Lockport, but my local school district says I am too far away for public school transportation.  Will I have to provide transportation?
If you live in the Town or City of Lockport and you are further than fifteen miles from our school, then the Lockport School District will not pick up your child at your home.  However, they do provide a general pick up location at 120 Main Street (behind Key Bank).  You would simply have to bring your child to this location and they will get on the public school bus there.  (You might find it interesting that 27% of our student population lives in Lockport.)