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$200 Tuition Credit Referral Plan
     The Tuition Credit Referral Plan provides an opportunity for you to receive a $200 tuition credit for each family who enrolls at CAWNY due to your promotion of the school.
     Christian education is a tremendous blessing, yet many Christian families are not aware of the opportunity. We would like to share this blessing.
     Since parents are the best promoters of the school, this plan encourages parents to continue to actively introduce Christian families to our school.
     You should grasp the opportunity to approach Christian parents who desire a Christ-centered education for their children, who are committed to training their children in keeping with the teachings of the Bible, and who are active in a local Christian church. (These parents cannot already be planning on sending their children to the Academy.)
     Next time you are in our Main Office, grab a couple of the latest advertising cards. You can give these to your friends, leave them at your church, business, etc. (Just remember to write your contact information at the bottom of the card so that they contact you first and you receive credit for the referral.)
     Talk to families about your experiences at CAWNY.
     Refer them to the website for answers to any questions they may have.
     Complete a Contact Report and bring it into the office. A record of your contact will be kept and if the family you contacted enrolls their children at CAWNY, you will receive a tuition credit of $200.
Enrollments must meet school admission requirements and students must remain in the Academy for at least the month of September.
The $200 tuition credit can be used as you desire.  Many of our families choose to reduce their monthly tuition payment by $20 (if on the 10-Month Plan), while others choose to use it all on one month's tuition payment.  The choice is yours!
Note: The Contact Reports will be dated as they are received.  If a prospective family is contacted by more than one current family, the family sending the Contact Report to the office first, will receive the tuition credit.