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A parent asked us if there would be any modifications made to the community service requirements for graduates due to…you know what I’m going to say…COVID. Frankly we had never given it a thought but decided that it deserved some consideration. We concluded that with all the “social” distancing requirements and so much that was shut down or not allowed, we needed to adjust the community service time requirements. Normally we have required of our high school graduates 1,500 minutes (25 hours) per high school year while in attendance here at CAWNY. Here are the adjusted time requirements that we decided on for those who attended here during any of the 2019-2022 years:
750 minutes
750 minutes
1,000 minutes
For the 2022-2023 year and those years going forward, 1,500 minutes per year as normal.
Therefore, for this year’s graduating class who attended here all four years, rather than needing 6,000 minutes, we would require only 4,000 minutes for graduation. For those 2023 graduates that were here for less than four years, and for future graduates, community service requirements will also be adjusted according to the table above.