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The Christian Academy of Western New York understands that many families cannot afford to pay their full tuition amount on September 1st.  Therefore, we offer our families four (4) different options.


10-month Plan
The full tuition amount is simply divided by 10 months, with one-tenth of the tuition due every month from September through June.


Christmas (or 9-month) Plan
Because December can be such an expensive time of year, CAWNY provides the Christmas (or 9-month) Plan.  This plan simply takes your total amount due and divides it into 9 equal payments, with no payment due in December. 


Tax-Time Plan
This plan is for those individuals who are blessed each year with a nice sum as a tax refund.  Through this plan, you can pay a large lump sum (at least $500) when you receive your tax refund, thus reducing your monthly payments.
Your tax-time payment is due by April 30th, unless other arrangements have been made.  Failure to make your lump sum payment by April 30th will result in that family not being allowed to use the Tax Time Plan in subsequent years.  New families may pay no more than 1/2 of their total amount due as a lump sum at tax time.
Please note that the Tax-Time Plan can be combined with any other plan.
Direct Deposit from Employer or Bank (or 12-month) Plan
Generally, this plan is only available to returning families.  However, exceptions can be made.
Without Board approval, this is the only 12-month (September to August) plan available to families*.  If you would like, at the end of August, you can begin having an amount taken from your paycheck or bank account and deposited directly into the school’s account.  This amount would be your total amount due divided by 52 (weeks) or 26 (bi-weeks). 
This type of plan would also work with automatic Bill Pay, which would automatically send a check to CAWNY every month. 
Please note that this plan cannot be combined with the Christmas Plan.
This plan must be in place and the first direct deposit made no later than the last week in August. 
*Any family is welcome to begin payments the July and August before the beginning of the school year.  Thus, creating an alternative 12-month plan that doesn't require direct deposit.


Tuition Payments
All tuition payments are handled directly through the CAWNY Main Office.
Payments can be brought into the school or mailed to the school.  Each month's payment is due by the last day of that month.  On the 1st of the following month, the payment is considered late.
If a family has a past due balance for three (3) consecutive months, their child(ren) will not be allowed to return to the school until the family's account is brought current.
Any fee or tuition not paid will result in all records, report cards and test results being held until the balance is brought current.
Registration and tuition payments are non-refundable, whether the student voluntarily withdraws or is asked to leave by the school.  The family is expected to honor the tuition contract.
Under current laws, tuition is not tax deductable.


Methods of Payment
CAWNY accepts many forms of payment.
Cash - a receipt will be issued as record of payment.
Check - please make all checks payable to "CAWNY."
Direct Deposit - this method deposits a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly amount into CAWNY's account from your employer.
Direct Payments - through either a monthly (or weekly) bank withdrawal from your account.
Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Paypal - see Paypal instructions here.  (You will incur an almost 4% fee from Paypal for using this service.)