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At the Christian Academy of Western New York, we are always endeavoring to improve our dress code and to make it more consistent.   
In a day of slovenly and careless dress, it is beneficial to our Christian testimony that CAWNY maintain certain standards of refinement.  As stated in the Code of Conduct, CAWNY emphasizes the development of self-discipline and submission to authority as well as the assertion that attendance at CAWNY is a privilege and not a right.  Students are expected to abide by the spirit of as well as the letter of the law.  In general, clothing should be chosen that is modest and conservative in cut and fit, as well as clean and neat in appearance. Although some modern styles may fit this code, it is quite possible they will not.
Parents are asked to please inspect the dress of their child and do not permit them to leave home in any questionable clothing – either according to their own standards or ours.
The Academy reserves the right to make all final judgments in the interpretation of the dress code.
For the dress code details, please see the specific grade level below:
Elementary Dress Code
Middle School Dress Code
High School Dress Code
Grub Days (all grades)