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The Common Core Standards are not “curricula.”  They are simply a standard set of clear goals for what knowledge and skills will help students succeed in the academic world. These standards give schools the responsibility to establish what students need to learn, and what curricula to use to meet these goals
The federal government cannot legally govern the Common Core Standards Initiative.  The initiative was and will remain a state-led effort, and individual private schools can maintain the same standard of learning, as well as curriculum choice.  Currently, states cannot mandate what curriculum a private school uses, or how it is taught.  This will not change with Common Core. Private schools that are accredited need to align to the principles of Common Core Standards, but what curriculum is used and how it works in the classroom comes from the private school and the Christian teachers who are in them.
As a private school, registered in the state of New York, we are not required to give the elementary and middle school State exams in reading or math. 
We do, however, give the Common Core Regents exams in Math, Science and English to our high school students.  In 2014 and 2015, we gave our students the old English and Math Regents as well as the new Common Core exams (the State allowed this during the transition).  We found our students scored equally on both exams, leading us to believe our curriculum can ensure your child’s educational needs and meet your values, as well as core requirements for college entrance.