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Thank you for considering applying to teach, substitute or volunteer at our school.  Below is further information.



Click here for a printable version of the Substitute Handbook.

Click here for a printable version of the Substitute Application.

You will also have to complete a Background Check Form as part of the second step.



Click here for a printable version of the Parent Volunteer Handbook.

You will also have to complete a Background Check Form as part of the second step.

If you are interested in volunteering as a driver (for field trips, etc.), please contact Mrs. Meyers.



Christian Academy Teacher Hiring Practices

The initial Teacher Application form is sent to an applicant upon request.  Also included is a Statement of Faith, school philosophy, copy of salary schedule, job description, and a brochure about the school.

When a completed application is returned, the Administrator will determine whether to continue with processing.  Applicants will be notified by mail if their application is not being given further consideration.

If the Administrator determines to proceed, the references listed on the initial application will be contacted.

The next step is the oral interview with the Administrative team.  The applicant should come prepared to be candid during the interview.  At the same time, come relaxed!  We certainly don’t intend this to be a difficult experience for you.

When the interview is completed, the Administrative team will prayerfully consider how to proceed with the hiring process.  Applicants will be notified and either thanked or asked back to discuss a contract to teach.

If approved by the Board, a contract will be issued to the applicant.  It must be signed and returned within ten business days to become a valid contract.  Final authority for hiring is vested in the School Board upon recommendation of the Administrator.

When an at-will employment is offered, an orientation appointment will be scheduled by the Administrator.  This appointment will acquaint the teacher with the curriculum and teacher policies.  A Faculty Handbook will be issued to the teacher at this time.  The new teacher may also pick up any materials that he/she may wish to study and prepare for the fall term.  If there are several new members joining the staff, portions of this orientation may be done as part of an inservice day.


Christian Academy Classroom Teacher Job Description

1.  Teach subjects and classes as assigned using curriculum, supplementary materials, field trips, special guests, etc., to enhance them.

2.  Attend and participate in the following:

                a.  Morning devotions

                b.  Teachers’ meetings (afternoon meetings waived for part time teachers)

                c.  Evening programs if involving his or her students

                d.  Seminars

                e.  Other meetings as assigned

3.  Do supervisory duty before and after school as assigned.

4. Hold help classes after school as needed (elementary) or as requested by students or parents (secondary).

5.  Complete paperwork including the following:

                a.  Mid semester reports

                b.  Report cards 4 times a year

                c.  Grade records for permanent file

                d.  Inventories of classroom equipment/supplies

                e.  Administration of State tests

                f.  Recording grades and attendance on Permanent Records

                g.  Other paperwork as assigned or requested

6.  Maintain proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems personally and        referring major problems to the principal.

7.  Be available to any parents or students who wish to have a conference.

8.  Hold yearly conferences with parents of each student.

9.  Carry out any other specific duties as assigned.

Faculty Responsibilities and Duties

1.  Said Teacher will attend all faculty meetings, or other meetings as directed, and perform other duties which may be assigned by the administration, without additional compensation.  Such things include attending student functions, i.e., athletic events, musicals, drama, etc.

2.  The length of the school day shall be fixed by the School, as well as the hours of teaching and duties to be performed.  The Teacher agrees that, in addition to the regular school work to be performed, he will carry on a program of contacts with the parents of the students, pursuant to the directions of the leadership.

3.  The Teacher’s duties will involve not only the responsibilities ordinarily incumbent, but also those responsibilities related to the special spiritual ministry to which he or she is called ‑ the training of the child in Christian faith and practices.  In a very real sense, therefore, it is the expectation of the Administration that the Teacher will strive at all times to understand, appreciate, love and serve the pupils entrusted to him or her for instruction and that he (she) will, to the best of his (her) ability, provide for their fullest intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development.  As a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Teacher will faithfully attend the regular services of a local Gospel‑preaching church as an example of the Believer.

4.  The Teacher agrees to be present and on time for faculty devotions, and to remain in the building fifteen (15) minutes after classes have been dismissed.  The Teacher also agrees to remain after school for such meetings and conferences as may be called by the administration.

5.  The Teacher agrees to abide by the regulations set forth in the Faculty Handbook and any additions made during the year and to cooperate in every way with the school authorities.

6.  The Teacher agrees to accept, without reservation (be it mental or verbal,) the school’s educational philosophy.

7.  The Teacher agrees to adhere to I Corinthians 3:16‑17, and 6:19‑20.  Along with Romans 14:13, we interpret this to mean abstinence in use of profane language.  The Teacher also agrees that the role of the male and female are clearly defined in I Corinthians 11:3.  Romans 1:24‑32 states that God recognized homosexuality and other deviate behavior as perverted, and because of this willful condition, such cannot be an employee of this School.

8.  The Teacher agrees to follow the Biblical pattern of Matthew 18:15‑17, Galatians 6:1 and by a resolve to utilize Biblical principles ‑ always presenting a united front.

9.  The Teacher will avoid highly debatable topics as much as possible, especially as they relate to denominational issues.

10.  Attendance at faculty meetings, conferences, meetings with parents, counseling sessions with students, and preparation time are normal duties and may require additional time.

11.  No employee of CAWNY shall engage in activities that would use students of CAWNY as possible contacts for commercial sales or financial gain.

12.  Teachers are encouraged to become involved in civic and community affairs that do not interfere with their employment responsibilities.

13.  Teachers shall have the right to inspect their personnel file.

Professional Qualification for Certification and Appointment

Teachers shall have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree from a recognized college or university.  The requirement may be waived by the Board in the case of part‑time teachers.

Teachers shall have had (or be willing to pursue) courses specifically pertaining to the area of Christian education and philosophy.

Spiritual Qualifications for Employment

1.   Has accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior (Rom 10:9‑10).

2.  Demonstrates a conviction that God has called him to become involved in a Christian school ministry (I Cor. 7:21‑24).

3.   Demonstrates a consistent outward evidence of an inward Christian character (I Tim. 4:12).

4.   Maintains a regular and contributing involvement in a church having a doctrine which is in agreement with the school's Statement of Faith and which is scripturally sound in its teaching (Heb.10:24‑25).

5.   Is convinced of the importance of prayer and a daily time of meditation in the Word of God and actively pursues a relationship with God (Ps. 42:1‑2).

6.  Demonstrates spiritual maturity, a teachable spirit and has a clear conscience before God and man (Titus 2:2‑8).

7.  Has a workable knowledge of the Word of God, knowing how to feed himself spiritually (I Tim. 4:7).


Teacher Application