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Welcome to CAWNY High School!

CAWNY High School is comprised of 9th to 12th graders.  


High school students earn high school credits, first and foremost, through courses taught in a traditional classroom setting.  The high school classroom environment is designed to focus on fine-tuning of individual strengths.  Our goals are to prepare each student to live a God-honoring life; to work with a spirit of excellence; and to experience lifelong learning. 
Each course is taught with a Biblical worldview, while simultaneously preparing the students for the Regents Exams required for their Regents diploma.  


Please take a moment and look through our High School course descriptions
CAWNY is very proud to also work alongside the Orleans/Niagara BOCES for students who are interested in pursuing career training while in High School.
CAWNY offers a variety of sports and activities throughout the school year.  High School students are offered different electives from Art to Computer Coding.  Please read about more opportunities at Student Life.
CAWNY also participates in the National Honor Society.
Learn more about our High School graduates by reading about the Post-Graduation Success of Our Graduates and our Graduate Testimonials.
Community Service:  As our students learn what it means to serve Christ, they are required to serve in the community or school for the service-credits needed for graduation. 

What are Parents saying about CAWNY High School?

"CAWNY has been such a blessing to myself and my daughter.  Thank God for answered prayers!"

"There is nothing better than to know that your children are being taught the Word of God every day while they are away from home.  I have peace of mind when my kids are at school because I know Christ's love and truth are present at CAWNY."

"Not only do we love CAWNY, but our kids do as well.  CAWNY provides not only an excellent Christian education, but also lots of love and encouragement."

"With all the worldly pressures on kids these days, we were very concerned about our two older children.  They were in public school and almost headed to Middle School.  We couldn't bear the thought of that and God led us to CAWNY.  Amen!  What a blessing that all four of our kids can attend the same school (Pre-K through 12) and God is invited to be there everyday!  Mrs. L (the principal) is so full of the joy of the Lord.  The teachers have been excellent.  They put God first and they truly care about helping us to raise Godly children.  Thank you, CAWNY!"

"I love knowing that teachers and the administration are praying for, as well as with, my children and our family.   Truly an extension of God's hands!"

"I am thankful for the solid, Christ-centered education that CAWNY offers."

"Our experience at CAWNY has been great.  The teachers are very dedicated.  I feel my children are safe at CAWNY.  The music program is excellent.  I love the fact that my children are getting a quality Christian education."

"The teachers really care and show a personal interest.  This school has changed my son's life."

"I enjoy CAWNY because my children have a safe place to grow and nurture good healthy relationships with other students and teachers."

"CAWNY has a solid Christian environment and is committed to upholding Christian moral and ethical standards.  The staff of CAWNY keep a good example and show Christian kindness as their first foot forward in wholesome caring for our children's needs: personal, educational and spiritual."