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CAWNY will be celebrating the nations of the students that attend our school!
On their particular International Day, the country will be represented on the bulletin board in the Main Hall; facts about that country will be announced to the school over the intercom and we will celebrate their country by wearing the colors of their flag.
November 5 - Mexico (red, green and white)
December 3 - Israel, celebrating Jesus' birth (either blue and white to represent Israel's flag OR green, red and gold to celebrate Jesus' birth)
January 7 - Vietnam (red and yellow)
February 4 - Canada (red and white)
March 4 - Ukraine (blue and white)
(April 1 - celebrating Easter (purple and yellow to represent Jesus' royalty and glory))
May 6 - USA (red, white and blue!)
June 3 - Guatemala (blue, yellow and green)