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CAWNY will be celebrating the nations of the students that attend our school!
On their particular International Day, the country will be represented on the bulletin board in the Main Hall; facts about that country will be announced to the school over the intercom and we will celebrate their country by wearing the colors of their flag.
Please check the school's calendar for all the dates and countries.
Please note:  students must wear ALL colors of the designated country's flag.  If a student is wearing only one color from the flag, they will be asked to change into a regular school uniform.  Additional colors are acceptable in addition to the designated colors.  (No sweatpants.)
For example, if the colors of the flag are blue, red, black and white, a student must wear blue AND red AND black AND white.  (Blue jeans and a black, red and white shirt would be perfect, but a shirt with blue, red, black and white with green jeans would also be acceptable.  If a student is wearing a white shirt with black jeans, they will be asked to change into a regular school uniform as this outfit does not represent ALL the colors of the flag.)
If you have any questions, please call the Main Office for clarification (433-1652).