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Each year students come from all over the world to be educated in America and to learn about our traditions and customs.  From holidays we celebrate to the food we eat, these students often experience life in some new ways.

For those students who have the privilege of staying with a Christian family and attend a Christian school, the most important experience they receive is learning about Christianity and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  For most of the International students, this is the first time they have ever had the chance to hear the Good News.

Imagine being able to bring the Gospel to a High School student who perhaps could go their entire life never hearing about the saving grace of Jesus.  Just by opening up your home and allowing them to become a part of your family for the school year, students will not only learn subjects like History, Science, English, etc. from a Christ-centered curriculum, but they will always hear the truth of the gospel through Bible classes, weekly chapel and by attending church with your family.  What an awesome experience for them to be able to find salvation and be able to bring back this new found information to their families and communities back home.

Please prayerfully consider if this could be a path that God may have for your family this school year.  Your family may begin a journey that will change your life just as much as the life you can help impact for Christ.  Often, there are students that are turned away and cannot have this experience because there are not enough families willing and able to take them in.

Host Family Application

Host Family Agreement

Once you have completed an application, please scan it and send it to  Mrs. Poeller is our International Student Administrator.