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CAWNY has a Snack Store with a wide array of snacks and drinks, categorized by school level.
Along with the snacks and drinks, the Snack Store also offers a limited selection of school supplies.  Spiral notebooks, pens, pencils and erasers can now be purchased.  Spiral notebooks are 50¢; pens, pencils and pencil-top erasers are only 25¢.
In an effort to keep prices down, the Store sometimes makes only pennies on an item.  But above profit, the Store is meant to be something fun and enjoyable for all students.  And let's face it, it isn't fun if everything is expensive.  So, again, prices were kept low.
Here is how we spend any profit made by the Store:
The proceeds are used in several different avenues to help better our school.  The Snack Store is, at its core, a fundraiser.  The Snack Store provides "Snack Certificates" to teachers for rewarding students, pays for the website, the app and the Parent Alert System.  In addition, the Snack Store helps out when the need arises throughout the school year.  So, thank you for letting your child participate!