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ELA 6 - Communication, logic, creativity and knowledge itself are transmitted through language.  In ELA 6, students engage in a balanced literacy program that utilizes reading, writing, speaking and listening to promote critical thought and fluidity in creative processes.  Students learn to articulate themselves in a clear, God-honoring manner.  Students act in plays, present poetry, debate and examine semantics and syntax in order to meld analytical thought with creative expressions.  They read quality texts from multiple genres and eras that promote a Biblical worldview as they find their voice.
ELA 7 - 7th Grade ELA encompasses three distinct areas:  literature, spelling and grammar/composition.  Literature selections are based on pioneers, pilgrims, patriots, professional athletes and many other exciting people.  With excepts from The Jungle Book, Robinson Crusoe, Little Women, A Christmas Carol and more, our class will gain an understanding of people from different ages, cultures and economic backgrounds.  These stories help discern people's motives and feelings while recognizing the consequences of particular actions.  With over 100 selections, timed reading exercises, vocabulary words and "Think It Through" sections, this course promotes reading comprehension as well as character-building themes.
ELA 8 - In English 8, we will follow the theme as "Overcomers" through God's Word.  We will explore classic literature through reading comprehension in short stories comprised of the greatest authors in literature.  This will introduce the students to different genres of literature as well as themes.  They will work on vocabulary by using words in context, comprehension and through contextual understanding.  We will continue through the mechanics of grammar to increase effectiveness of expression within the English language.  The novels we will select from this year will be The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Hatchet, Number the Stars, George Mueller, Dust of the Earth, Through the Gates of Splendor and Soul Surfer.
Math 6 - As their first dive into higher mathematics, the students explore critical concepts that will re-emerge in subsequent courses.  Sixth-grade math is a year of discovery!  From integers to algebra and the coordinate plane, students use the tools from elementary school, as well as adding new techniques to navigate these rigorous topics.
Math 7 - Every lesson in Math 7 has both skill practice and problem-solving, including multi-step problems.  Math topics include rational numbers and their operations, equations and inequalities, real number properties, geometric formulas, linear equations and their graphs, and probability.  Math 7 provides instruction and practice in many formats including multiple choice, short response, extended response and vocabulary that will help students be prepared for both standardized and teacher-generated tests.
Pre-Algebra - Also known as Math 8, Pre-Algebra is the first math class with a title, as the students take the tools learned thus far in Middle School and use them to solidify their application of broad mathematical, graphic and algebraic concepts.  A great majority of secondary mathematics will be rooted in this foundational course.
History 6 - Ancient world history takes sixth-graders through the Adamic Covenant through the end of the "Dark" ages.  The students cross continents, epochs and countries as they simulate the empires and civilizations covered in class.  The Biblical worldview is the lens as they examine cultures, evaluate world religions and learn from those who have gone before them.
History 7 - World Studies is a chronological narrative of world history that reveals the hand of God at work in the nations, beginning with the birth of the Church, the rise of Islam and a survey of nations around the world from 1,000 AD to the present.
History 8 - American Republic unfolds the history of the United States. Starting with the discovery of the New World, the course traces the path of American history up to the present day. In addition to a historical account, American Republic demonstrates the distinctiveness of American values and government, and emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating United States history.
Science 6 - This course teaches science with a Biblical worldview on origin, plants, the human body, health, classification, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arthropods, forestry and ecology.  Included are hands-on lab activities with each topic.
Science 7 - This course teaches a more in-depth version of Science 6, with many of the same general topics.  Included are hands-on lab activities with each topic.
Science 8 - This course introduces 8th graders to sciences they will have an opportunity to study in high school.  Science 8 includes a Biblical world on science topics such as meteorology, oceanography, chemistry, geology and physics.  Included are hands-on lab activities with each topic. 


Bible Class - While studying different topics from a Biblical point of view, the instructors apply Christian principles to everyday life and situations.  In Middle School Bible class, the instructor will be providing an introduction to the structure and themes of the Word of God.  Students will discover truths and applications that God placed in each book of the Bible.  God's gracious work will be clear - from creation to the cross to the consummation of time. 
Bible classes alternate days with Gym class.  Students also attend Chapel every Wednesday.
JOY in the Journey - Jesus Others You - what does that look like on a daily basis?  How does one live their life for the Lord?  The goal of this course is to teach our students how to begin the process of learning to do just that, and to grow in their relationship with Jesus at the same time. 
Bible and Journaling - NEW THIS YEAR!


Musical Theater
(Actors, dancers, music, set design, lighting, sound, costuming, stage crew, etc.)
Life Skills
(Study skills & work organization, food, nutrition & cooking, homesteading, crops & gardening, textiles, clothing, sewing & crafts, home economics, priority planning & parenting, technology & hardware repair, engineering & problem solving, keyboarding & typing skills, hygiene & self-care and more!)


Gym class alternates days with Bible classes.