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    Thank you for considering Christian education at

    Christian Academy of Western New York.


    We understand that parents may be skeptical about whether they can afford to educate their child(ren) privately, in a Christian environment.  That is why we created this form. 

    Simply complete the quick, easy form below and we will contact you via email within two (2) business days (usually sooner) with a tuition assistance amount for your family.  There is no obligation, of course! 


    Things you need to know before you get started:

     - You do NOT need to complete this or any form to get the standard 25% New Family Discount for K-8th Grade children.  You will receive it automatically at enrollment (for the first year).  

    - After you receive your tuition assistance amount, should you choose to enroll your child(ren) at CAWNY, a more detailed official Tuition Assistance application will have to be completed.  This form is not complicated, but does contain more detailed information than the short form.  Also, we require a copy of your 2019 Federal tax information (filed in 2020) for verification.   

    - The tuition assistance amount quoted to you will be upheld as long as all of your information on the official Tuition Assistance application and your Federal tax information are identical to the information you provide on the short form.

     - A tuition assistance amount does not guarantee enrollment.  You need to contact our Main Office if you have concerns regarding academic enrollment.  The Main Office number is (716) 433-1652 or they may be reached by email here.


     If you have any questions about this form or tuition assistance in general, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Meyers, our Business Administrator, by email here.


    (The form begins on page 2.)