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School Supply List for 1st Grade Class
1 plastic 2-pocket folder, no center brads (with student's name)
1 pair of blunt tip children's scissors
1 large (or 2 small) glue stick (no liquid glue bottles, please)
1 box of crayons (24 count)
1 pack of colored pencils
1 plastic pencil box or zip pouch (with student's name)
24  #2 pencils (to start school year, please replenish at second half)
2 pink erasers
1 pack of construction paper
1 pack of dry erase markers
1 backpack
1 box of tissues
1 container of Clorox/Lysol wipes
2 Rolls of paper towels
1 full reusable water bottle on gym days with child's name
*We will have a snack time each day.  A water bottle and small snack from home or a few quarters for the Snack Store can be sent each day.



(1st Grade Supply list updated June, 2023)