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It is time to send in your Box Tops!


Your student's classroom/homeroom has a

chance to win a Franco's pizza party!

The pizza party will consist of:
a pizza lunch from Franco's Pizza; and
$1 drink OR
a 50-cent drink and a 50-cent snack/treat
from the Snack Store
for each student in the winning class!


Here's how the pizza party contest works:
The contest is open to ALL grades!
Clip and save Box Tops and send them in to help your student's classroom/homeroom win a pizza party!  (Box Tops do NOT need to be neatly cut out or attached to any sort of paper.  Just send them in as you ripped them off the box or wrapper.)
Due to some classes being much smaller than others, Box Tops will be credited on a per-person basis.
For example, if Classroom A brought in 150 Box Tops and has 15 students, their per-person total would be 10.
However, if Classroom B brought in 60 Box Tops, but there are only 5 students, their per-person total would be 12.
Therefore, in this scenario, Classroom B would win the pizza party even though Classroom A brought in more Box Tops.
So, even the smaller classes have a fair chance to win!
Classes are as follows:
PreK/K/1st Grade
2nd/3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade.
Collection dates are Monday, February 11th to Monday, February 25th.
Please put your Box Tops into an envelope or ziploc bag clearly marked with the Classroom/Homeroom you are giving your Box Tops to. 
(It is perfectly fine to send in more than one envelope marked with different grades if you have more than one student.  But be sure you put them in separate envelopes clearly marked.  We will not separate an envelope's contents.)