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Bullying Policy

Christian Academy of Western New York's Bullying Policy


Our Academy’s Christian value of caring for each other as image-bearers of God leaves no room for bullying.  We recognize that bullying can happen.  Staff, students and parents must have a common view of what bullying is and how to respond to it so we can eliminate it.  This requires the effort of home and school working together. 

Romans 13:10:  "Love worketh no ill to his neighbor."

Ephesians 4:32:  " kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you."


Definition:  Deliberately hurtful behavior in words, actions or attitudes in or outside of school. Bullying occurs when a person willfully and repeatedly exercises power over another with hostile or malicious intent.


Behaviors include but are not limited to:

Name calling, racial slurs, comments regarding looks, clothing, possessions, family, etc.

Exclusion from a group, not speaking to someone, gossip, telling hurtful stories

Stealing or damaging possessions, clothing

Pressure to conform or disobey, ridicule for not taking part in such activity

Physical assault, hitting, pushing, kicking, pulling hair, deliberately tripping

Impersonating someone over IM or online

Posting rude things or lies about someone online

Creating or voting at an online bashing poll or posting to a guestbook saying rude or mean things

Sign someone else up for something online without their permission

Use of bad language online.  Sending rude or scary things to someone, even if you were just joking


Prevention shall include, but not limited to:

Students will receive annual instruction of what bullying is

Students will be instructed to tell when they observe bullying

Students will be encouraged to tell when they feel they have been bullied

Students will be taught as bystanders they are responsible and play an important role

Students will be taught intervention strategies for victims and bystanders

Staff will be vigilant supervising students

Staff will take seriously information from parents about concern for their child

Parents will be informed of the Academy’s bullying guidelines

Administration, staff, and parents will work together to honor God in the way we treat each other


Responses shall include, but are not limited to:

Students must tell their teacher or available adult if they observe bullying

Staff will make every effort to detect change in attitude or mood of students

Staff will take all reported incidents of bullying seriously

Staff will confront bully behavior immediately and assertively

Parents of students in bullying incidents will be informed and be involved in the resolution process


Consequences include, but are not limited to:

Each bullying offense will be referred to administration for disciplinary response according to our Discipline Policy.