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Pizza Days

If your student(s) would like to order a pizza combo, just send in their money in an envelope with their name on the outside and the combo number they would like.  Please remind them that the deadline to order is the Pizza Day during Homeroom.  
Here are all the details:
Combo #1 - $4 (Elementary only)
Slice of Pizza
Water/Juice Box
Bag of Chips
Fruit Snacks Pack
(Elementary students may order at extra piece of pizza for an additional $1.)
Combo #2 - $5 (MS/HS only)
Slice of Pizza
Water or Soda
Bag of Chips
Box/Bag of Candy
Combo #3 - $6 (MS/HS only)
2 Slices of Pizza
Water or Soda
Chips OR Candy
Why is CAWNY having pizza sales?
As many of you know, a large portion of CAWNY’s budget is funded through two major fundraisers held every year in the Fall and the Spring.  
Unfortunately, this year, due to COVID19, we are having to be creative in coming up with ways to fundraise without inviting the public into our school building.  One of the ideas that was implemented was having pizza sales twice a month during both lunches.