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Hello everyone!
We hope God is blessing you with a wonderful summer!
Here is the latest information about uniforms for the 2020-21 School Year.
In case you are unaware, the dress codes for the upcoming school year can be found here.
The order is due by Friday, August 21st.  If you submit your uniform order on or before Friday, August 21st, your uniform order will be ready for pickup on the 7th and 8th of September.  (The first day of school is September 9th.)    Order forms can be found here.
Polo Shirts:  For your convenience, CAWNY polo shirt samples of all sizes are at the school for your review.  It is always a good idea to see the sizes in person to be sure you have the most proper fit.
Hoodies:  The dress code with regard to pants and shirts varies from Elementary to Middle School to High School.  However, ALL STUDENTS must wear CAWNY-issued hoodies.  During the Fall and Winter months, only CAWNY-issued hoodies are allowed.
Our uniform provider requires a minimum amount for orders.  During the school months, for obvious reasons, the orders are much smaller, causing us to have to wait to place an order until the minimum is reached.  Please order your student's hoodie now for the upcoming year.


Parents may stop by and look through our used uniforms.  All used uniforms are FREE.  (Please call before you come to be sure someone is in the building - 433-1652.)
"Used uniforms" does not mean just items ordered from our uniform provider.  There are also piles of skirts, pants, etc., anything a student might need for CAWNY.