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Football Mania

(a CharityMania fundraiser)


This is an exciting new fundraiser, brought to you by CAWNY’s PTO. 
To be successful, we need YOU, our CAWNY team, to get in the huddle during the month of October and participate by: 
- Sharing our Football Mania website via email, text or other social media
- Selling tickets to friends, family, co-workers, football fans…
- Purchasing your own tickets
Sweepstakes begins November 3, 2022.
How does it work?  Click here to see an information sheet that gives all the details!
Our Football Mania website is
Here you can watch a quick video, get more details, AND get a special offer available ONLY on-line!
If you can assist by selling sweepstakes tickets, please email and let us know how many tickets you would like.  Be sure to include your contact information.
If you need further info, email Mrs. Woodward at