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Should the need arise, through mandate from New York State, for schools to close temporarily, this is the plan that will be used until such time as students can return to the classroom.
This Blended Learning Model involves a hybrid approach of in-person/in classroom learning and remote learning through Google Meet for Grades  K-12. We have many different grade level students who are in the same family, so each grade took a specific time and day to avoid the overlapping of sessions. This enables each student to meet on Google with their teachers as scheduled.
If waves of Covid shut down in-building classes, students/staff are notified by School Wide Text Alert to use this Contingency Plan. Otherwise, students are in classes in the school building.
All students are given a username and passcode to access the Google Classroom on the internet and any device:  Ipad, desk top computer, laptop, or phone.
Remote Learning Schedule for K-5th Grades
Remote Learning Schedule for 6th-12th Grades