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The Christian Academy of Western New York has partnered with Alpha Omega Publications to bring our students access to the Alpha Omega Program. 
In order to expand our high school students' options, this program allows them to take extensive online high-school level courses (in conjunction with their traditional classroom courses at CAWNY).  The options include Bible courses, specific History courses and over 45 elective courses.
Each student who participates will be given time in our Library/Computer Lab each day to complete their course.  They may also work at home.
Each course counts toward the total number of high school credits a student needs to graduate with a Regents Diploma.
Each one-semester course costs $200.00.
Each two-semester course costs $400.00.
CAWNY will cover 50% of the cost of one full-credit (or two 0.5 credits) for families who pay full CAWNY tuition.  These are families who do not receive tuition assistance of any kind.  This discount does NOT apply to remedial courses.  However, if the student does not complete the course or receives a grade lower than a "C", the parents are responsible for 100% of the cost.
Click here to see a current list of courses.
Applications are due by the first day of school. 
Please contact Mrs. Poeller with any questions you may have.
(In addition, CAWNY also provides a way for our Juniors and Seniors to participate in a College Credit Program, which allows them to earn High School credits and College Credits at the same time.  If you are interested in reading more, please click here.)