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Public Meetings
The CAWNY School Board/Administration holds quarterly meetings that are open to all CAWNY families in February, May, August and November. 
See the school events calendar for exact dates.


Time-sensitive Matters Between Open Board Meetings
Inbetween meetings, families may request that a time-sensitive discussion item be placed on the agenda for an upcoming closed Board meeting by meeting with a member of the administration and making the request.  The Board members will make the ultimate decision about what will be included on the agenda.
Please remember that the steps outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook must be followed before bringing a grievance to the Board.



Upcoming Board Meeting (May 2nd)
Announcements and reminders about an upcoming open meeting will be sent via text alert and posted on the website.
The agenda for the upcoming meeting will be posted here exactly one week before the meeting.
Agenda for the May 2, 2019 Board Meeting (posted early due to Easter Break).