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Grub Days (raise money for missions/charities, 2017-18)

High School Student Council's

Grub Days


Basically, “Grub Day,” is a fundraiser in disguise (for missions/charities) where students and teachers pay in order to wear certain things outside of the dress code.  The CAWNY Middle School students developed the concept 13 years ago to promote awareness and involvement in missionary giving.  The office will have a table set up in the foyer from 8 to 8:30am each Grub Day morning.  This is where you pay for your all day pass. (BOCES students or anyone arriving late can go the office to pay.)

Grub Day are open to ALL GRADES.

Cost is $5.00; Family Discount is $12.00 for families with 3 or more students.

Of course, donations will also be accepted as well.

Remember, NO...

- objectionable logos or images on clothing

- skulls, cross bones, inappropriate writing

- crop tops

- ripped or excessively tight jeans

- open toe shoes

- pajamas (sweat pants are allowed)


As always, modesty rules apply!


The following is a list of the charities/missions we support with Grub Days throughout the year. We will be promoting each Grub Day by hanging posters all over the school. On our posters will be the name of the ministry we are supporting and information about that ministry. We will also be having members of student council visit each classroom and speak briefly about each Grub Day ministry.  In an effort to get everyone involved in servanthood, we are asking that the students write letters to all of the different ministries each Grub Day thanking them for all that they are doing to help the world around us!!  We look forward to this year and the opportunity to show God’s love!


September 27th

Convoy of Hope


     Convoy of Hope is a Christian organization responding to the people from Harvey and Irma's devastation.