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Grub Days (raise money for missions/charities (2016-17)

High School Student Council's

Grub Days


Basically, “Grub Day,” is a fundraiser in disguise (for missions/charities) where students and teachers pay in order to wear certain things outside of the dress code.  The CAWNY Middle School students developed the concept 13 years ago to promote awareness and involvement in missionary giving.  The office will have a table set up in the foyer from 8 to 8:30am each Grub Day morning.  This is where you pay for your all day pass. (BOCES students or anyone arriving late can go the office to pay.)

Grub Day are open to ALL GRADES.

Sneakers $1.00

Hat $1.00
T-Shirt $1.00
Sweatshirt/Hoodie $1.00
Dress-code Jeans $1.00
Colored or Crazy Hair $1.00
Shorts $1.00
All Grub - $5.00
All Grub Family Discount - $12.00


Of course, donations will also be accepted as well.

Remember, no objectionable logos or images on clothing.

As always, modesty rules apply!


The following is a list of the charities/missions we support with Grub Days throughout the year. We will be promoting each Grub Day by hanging posters all over the school. On our posters will be the name of the ministry we are supporting and information about that ministry. We will also be having members of student council visit each classroom and speak briefly about each Grub Day ministry.  In an effort to get everyone involved in servanthood, we are asking that the students write letters to all of the different ministries each Grub Day thanking them for all that they are doing to help the world around us!!  We look forward to this year and the opportunity to show God’s love!


October 12th

The Buffalo Dream Center


     Pastors Eric and Michelle Johns founded and have been overseeing the Buffalo Dream Center, in Buffalo, New York, since 1993.  The church has become well known as a ministry that meets the needs of inner city families, going into crime infested neighborhoods - places other churches are afraid to go.

     The Buffalo Dream Center reaches thousands of people through various children’s outreaches, a mobile food pantry, a bus ministry, and many other programs that feed, clothe, and bring hope to those who have none.  The church has touched so many children that one-third of those attending the Sunday morning service are under the age of twenty.  Boxes of Love, an enormous Christmas outreach held every year, provides food and toys to thousands of inner city families.  To raise funds for this large event, Pastor Eric draws attention to those in need by living on the streets of his city with the homeless.  He does this for one week every winter.  He has become affectionately known as “The Homeless Pastor”.

     Pastor Eric and Michelle preach the uncompromising Word of God.  Pastor Eric encourages Christians to look beyond their own needs and meet the needs of others.  He believes that there is something greater than being blessed.  The greater life is to be a blessing. 

     Besides the incredible work being done in the inner city, the Johns' family has taken the Gospel to Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Guatemala, Jamaica, Bahamas, South Africa, India, and Pakistan.  They especially desire to see pastors in India encouraged and strengthened.  Michelle trains pastors all over the world how to reach children with the Gospel.  Her ministry has taken her to Muslim countries where the conversion of people to Christianity is illegal.  They take teams to India twice each year holding conferences for pastors, children’s pastors, and leaders.  They have pioneered children's ministry in India and established two orphanages, both named “Center of Hope”.  The Center of Hope in Guntur includes an orphanage, an elementary school, a widows' home, and a Bible training center for new pastors.  The Center of Hope in Tirupati is a home for children who have lost their parents to the AIDS virus.  Currently their ministry cares for approximately sixty orphans.

     Pastors Eric and Michelle live in the heart of the inner city with their five children:  Victoria, Emilie, Mikayla, Alexander, and Nathaniel.


November 16th

Operation Christmas Child


            Our school will be participating in Operation Christmas Child again this year. This is a special project of Samaritan’s Purse in which we can share God’s love with hurting boys and girls all around the world. This ministry brings Christmas boxes to children who normally would not receive a Christmas gift. These boxes also provide an opportunity to tell children and their families about the greatest gift of all – Jesus.



December 21st

3M Ministry – Meal, Music, Message


            Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission started in the spring of 2007, as a non-profit corporation, with the goal of opening an emergency homeless shelter. As the founders grew spiritually, as well as their knowledge of mission work, they found themselves leaving their seats to go into the streets. In the fall of 2007, they started the RV “Ministry on Wheels” which goes into the inner city of Niagara Falls on Thursday from 11 am until 2 pm. They feed people physically and spiritually sharing the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They have a second serving ministry where small groups can join them on the streets of Niagara Falls. NGRM has also been blessed with an outreach facility on Linwood and 22nd Street. There, they hold Bible studies and weekly suppers, as well as an ongoing clothing and food ministry. They are currently in the process of obtaining another site to do their ministry. We would like to come along side them and support them with our Grub Day in December.



January 18th

King's Kids Village Orphanage, Kenya


     "We knew when we were married in 2006 that God had a wonderful ministry waiting for us. As we sought after the heart of God, He slowly began to reveal His plans for us. This past summer we had the privilege of serving at King’s Kids Village, an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. During those six weeks the Lord spoke and we listened and are now being obedient to His calling. In May of 2010 we returned to Kenya as full time missionaries and co-directors of the orphanage. Our mission is: To bring the message of the Gospel to the least, the lost, the hurting and the dying by preaching the Gospel to the Nations and by co-laboring with others in ministering to and caring for orphans." Please join us in supporting this amazing ministry by participating in our Grub Day in January!  (Click here to see their December, 2016 Newsletter.)



February 8th

Captain Dave's Cruises (to help children)


     Do you know a disabled child?  One who is terminally ill, has special needs, or has recently lost one or both parents due to a death or divorce?  Perhaps you know of a child who is living in poverty, or some other unfortunate situation?  Do you know of a family that has been separated for several years because someone is serving in the military?  Or worse yet, has a family member who has returned home disabled by an injury sustained in combat while serving their country?           
     Perhaps they’d like to go on a fishing trip to try to catch the biggest trout or salmon they’ve ever seen!  Our fully rigged fishing vessel leaves the dock complete with everything they will need from tackle to snacks and cold drinks; and our fishing charters come complete with expert fisherman to serve as their guides and mentors.
   Captain Dave is always looking for a few special kids and families, who deserve and would benefit from these great experiences. Help us come along side his ministry by dressing down on our Grub Day in February!



March 15th

Janette Sullivan (missionary)


     Janette is a CAWNY alumnus, who is now a full-time missionary in Russia with SEND International.  Let’s all embrace her by participating in the Grub Day in March!



April 26th

North Tonawanda Food Pantry


     Join us on Grub Day in April to spread love to the less fortunate in our school's local area. 



May 17th

Wounded Warriors Project


The purpose of the Wounded Warrior Project is to raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members. They also help injured service members aid and assist each other as well as provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. Their vision is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history. They believe in 5 core values which are: fun, integrity, loyalty, innovation, and service. Please join us in supporting this worthy cause with our Grub Day in May!



June 7th

Student Summer Missions



            The last grub day of every year is used to support the students of CAWNY as they go on summer missions trips.  We would like to support our CAWNY students by raising money in June with our Grub Day!