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Attention Worship Dance Parents:

Worship Dance has been cancelled for Thursday, March 30, as we prepare for the banquet the following night.


Parents of 11th and 12th Graders -

Your 11th or 12th grader will be serving at the Magdalene Project by cooking and serving spaghetti and meatballs for lun [ ... ]


Unlimited $200 Tuition Credits

Remember Parents:  The Tuition Credit Referral Plan provides an opportunity for you to receive a $200 tuition [ ... ]


Looking for Breakfast/Lunch Menu information?

Just click the image for all meal information.


Send in Your Box Tops!

Clip and save Box Tops! Periodically, send them in with your child. Remember, don't wait too long because they do ha [ ... ]


Artsonia Benefits for our Art Teacher, Mrs. Kolacz

Did you know that when you receive emails from Artsonia, they are actually art projects that Mrs. Kolacz [ ... ]


Been to our Facebook page lately?

Facebook gives our school-family a wonderful opportunity to view parents' photographs and comments regarding recent [ ... ]


Paying Your Tuition Online Just Got a Little Easier!

Paying with cash or a check is always your best option, but on those occasions when using your debit (or credit) card is [ ... ]


Reminder of CAWNY's Many Tuition Payment Options

You may not realize that CAWNY accepts many forms of payment:  cash; check; direct deposit from your employer; dire [ ... ]