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High School (9th through 12th Grades)

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High School students earn High School credits, first and foremost, through the traditional classroom setting.  The High School classroom environment is designed to focus on fine tuning of individual strengths.  Our goals are to prepare each student to live a God honoring life; to work with a spirit of excellence; and to experience lifelong learning.  

As our students learn what it means to serve Christ, they are required to serve in the community or school for the service-credits needed for graduation.  (Click here to view/print a Student Proposal form.)


In addition, CAWNY offers students two (2) different ways to participate in additional courses.

The students are offered a large variety of online courses in our Alpha Omega Program.  In order to expand our high school students' options, this program allows them to take extensive online high-school level courses (in conjunction with their traditional classroom courses at CAWNY).  The options include Bible courses, specific History courses and over 45 elective courses.

Also, qualified Juniors and Seniors are offered a College Credit Program.  This is an opportunity to earn High School credits as well as College Credits as part of our partnership with the University of Northwestern, a Christian university in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


It might be helpful when making your decision for your high school student if you read, in their own words, how our previous graduating Seniors felt about their time spent at the Christian Academy of Western New York.



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